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Revenge and Faith

Revenge and Faith

Trusting God may sound relatively easy when it is framed theoretically, but when there are real life pains and injustices that provoke our hearts to personal revenge and retaliation, then reliance on God gets tough. Our faith is always tested in the crucible of pain and discomfort. God couldn’t be more clear about his call for us to leave our personal provocateurs for him to deal with.


God directs us to leave room for his judgment (Rom.12:19) and to commit ourselves to our faithful Creator and just continue to do good (1Pt.4:19). This is the exercise of real faith. And much like the exercise of our physical muscles it doesn’t always feel good. But remember, the results are impressive. Not only does it please God and “leave room” for his response, it also results in a spiritual strength, perseverance and completeness that is invaluable (see James 1:3-4).


May your faith be emboldened as you wait on the Lord.

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  1. Pastor Mike, your so right on, again. Over the years I have learned that I have often required ( unconsciously) from God that he show me when and how he made things right, and I needed this so that I could know he was aware of my situation and he was a just God. But in time I came to learn that he really is on top of the situation, he missed mo detail, and that he has ten thousand ways in which he can make his love, holiness and mercy made manifest. Think for a moment how easy it would be for him to have someone arive at a job interview ten minutes late, or a million other ways in which he could cause his will to be accomplished. I completely surendered my hidden requirement to see his justice being served in my situation, he is sovereign, and just, and Iam not. He knows both parties “facts” and only he can truly make things right. I never see things for what they really are, for whats really going on.

  2. While I agree that trust is key, following the warnings, instructions and commands of God, that will keep His children, and those that abide by the commonsense alone of God’s values and protection, are very important too.
    The instructions for 2-10 time reimbursement to theft, and not free food, free medical/dental and shelter, aids the increase of these crimes, instead of leaving people in the circumstances they have to be judged.
    God gives a three part fulfillment, in those of this world. That being shame, restitution and or discipline.
    God also gives the guidance and command of Capital Punishment. Those that are murderers, rapists, molesters and or pedophiles.
    None of those positions, that those personal can forgive those that harm them or family members…but it demands those of these values, be stripped of their lives here on earth, to protect God’s children, and those with the same commonsense those values are wrong.
    No real ‘Christian’ aids that value…but the ignorance of mans FEELINGS over FACTS, limit the justice, yes here on Earth, that God does call for…and will fulfill in His RIGHTEOUS FULL JUDGMENT, in all those of that value, not REALLY repenting in their hearts, though many times say they do. God can’t be fooled…but you also have to fulfill the needed actions, to keep all criminal elements limited, as well as warned. There is no wiggle room with God.
    God Bless

  3. To help differentiate between the valid concerns of the above respondent and Pastor Mike’s original statement, it is important to ask ourselves to what extent, in any situation, the exercise of our own personal power has become an idol. This is easy to see in other people, but often hard to see in ourselves (the log and mote). In the situations mentioned by the writer above, even then it is healthy to allow “God to come in” (per Pastor Mike) to be sure that when we DO act it is under the power of God and not an idol. God bless all with His rich understanding.

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