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Suffering and Openness

Suffering and Openness

When we encounter tough times we tend to want to isolate ourselves. Because of the pain, fear of embarrassment, or doubts regarding others’ understanding, we often choose to withdraw and face our challenges alone. While this is common, it certainly is not biblical.


In 2 Corinthians 1, Paul models for us the godly response to private pain. He shows us that suffering should be a team approach.  Paul lets people in on the struggles he faces so that others may hold him up in prayer and seek to provide him comfort. While some people’s attempts to encourage Paul were expectedly less than perfect, they proved to be adequate as God ministered to him through the prayers and concerns of other Christians.


So if your suffering alone, be sure to boldly do as God has instructed. Open up and let others know you need their help and their prayers. In the end God will receive the glory and you will be better equipped to comfort others when its their turn to encounter a season of pain.


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