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Who Are You Impressing?

Who Are You Impressing?

Much of the Bible would have us ponder our coming evaluation. God, our Father and our Judge, will be the One to whom we must give an account of ourselves. And so, the logic goes, we must think of him when it comes to our decisions, words, actions and work. Our stewardship before God should always be in the forefront of our minds.


And yet it seems we so often fail to walk with this kind of faith, walking instead by sight, seeking to garner the approval of those we can presently see and hear. We so desperately want the words and nods of affirmation from those around us, which may or may not coincide with the approval that really matters. Does it, in the end, make any real difference if we have impressed those we see each day and yet fail to hear “well done” from our Creator? Will it really bring us any lasting benefit to gain heaping approval from our neighbors and coworkers, if we later discover that we have been an offense to the One who died for us?


How important our daily time in God’s word should be to us – our time to reflect on who and what is worth living for. The disapproval we so fear on earth may be nothing less than applause in heaven. May we learn to live for our Maker and our Redeemer whom we will soon see face-to-face. May we comprehend with clarity the futility of living to impress the world and each other.

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