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Focal Point U provides seminary-style study series by Pastor Mike Fabarez that take you through the different branches of theology. Each ‘semester’ you will explore what the Bible has to say about itself, God, and the Church. The sessions in each series are available for listening or viewing online or through the Focal Point app and come with a downloadable worksheet with attached powerpoint slides. Through a deepening knowledge of God, we trust Focal Point U will help you grow in your relationship with him. 

1st Semester

It is important to realize that when Christianity is questioned, dismissed or attacked, the Bible inevitably and ultimately lies at the heart of the debate. When Christians are unable to defend the truthfulness, accuracy and integrity of the biblical documents as they exist today, there is little hope of defending or promoting Christ and his Good News.

2nd Semester

While most people in the world presume to know God, in this 10-part series Pastor Mike thoughtfully examines God’s only propositional source of self-disclosure. Don’t miss this systematic study of what is traditionally known as “Theology Proper.”

3rd Semester

From beginning to end the Bible emphatically and consistently affirms a separate class of beings, distinct from both humans and the three Persons of the Godhead. These beings are classified as angels, of which there are two types: elect and evil. While some groups in church history have become obsessed with angels and demons, our goal in this study is not to become preoccupied, but rather to systematically learn what God has revealed about these beings and to understand what we can about the role they serve in God’s overall plan. Listen in as Pastor Mike digs into God’s word to uncover the truth about angels and demons.

4th Semester

According to the New Testament there is a spiritual battle waging that intends to obscure and distort our understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ (2 John 1:7; Matthew 24:23-24; 1 John 4:1- 3; Philippians 3:18; et al.). We must work hard to rightly understand the wealth of information provided for us in the Bible about precisely who Jesus is and the significance of all he came to accomplish. In this twelve-part series Pastor Mike delves into the rich and critically important biblical material regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ.

5th Semester

Our Creator has revealed himself to us in the Bible as a triune being—one Essence eternally existing in three Persons. While it is perhaps easier for us to grasp the inherent distinctions between the roles of the Father and Son, we often fail to comprehend and appreciate the unique role and ministry of the Holy Spirit. In this important ten-part lecture series Pastor Mike will help us broaden our understanding and deepen our gratitude for the daily operations of the Holy Spirit.

6th Semester

Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we subjected to so much pain and suffering? How are we different from animals? What about animal rights? Whats the core problem with abortion and euthanasia? What about Eugenics? Why are Christians suspect of secular psychology? Why does the Bible focus so much on sexual ethics? Why are marriage and family so important to Christians? What about homosexuality? What’s the difference between soul and spirit? Why are racism and prejudice categorically sinful? What is “original sin” and why does it matter? These are just a few of the questions that are addressed in the biblical study of mankind and sin. Don’t miss this 11-part study on the theological subjects of anthropology and hamartiology.

7th Semester

Pastor Mike takes us through a systematic study of our salvation (aka “Soteriology”). He tackles topics such as predestination, election, free will, the atonement, the nature of salvation, the experience and results of our salvation, common grace, saving grace, and good works—just to name a few.

8th Semester

With the steady stream of non-Christian books that attack the Church, and the glut of “Christian books” that bash and ridicule the Church, it’s high time for Christians to rediscover what the Bible has to say about the value, importance, dignity and prominence of the Church of Jesus Christ. In this series we recalibrate our thoughts regarding God’s Church, as Pastor Mike Fabarez takes an in-depth look at what the Church is, what it is called to do, and how it is to be organized and managed.

9th Semester

In this thirteen-part series Pastor Mike explores what the Bible has to say about the future. This systematic look at the forthcoming end times events will dispel the myths of what the Bible says we can expect to transpire before the second coming of Christ.

10th Semester

With so many different religions in our world, it can be easy for people to be confused on how they differ from Christianity. In this series, Pastor Mike walks us through the “Bad Theology” of many of today’s popular cults, heresies and world religions comparing them to what the Bible says. You will be equipped to discuss the differences and make a biblical case for Christianity when confronted by these “Bad Theologies.”

11th Semester

While most Christians are well familiar with the basic story of Christ and the basic teachings of Christianity found in the New Testament, far too often their knowledge of the New Testament stops there. “Basic” isn’t good enough for those of us who seek to follow Jesus in the modern world. To love Christ and emulate his life in our challenging times requires a better and more thorough grasp on the background, context, and content of the authoritative letters which the Holy Spirit produced through the work of the Apostles and prophets. Join us for this 13-part series as we dig deeper in our Survey of the New Testament.

12th Semester

The left-side of the Bible is still unfamiliar territory for many Christians. Most can tell you something about David and Goliath or Daniel in the lion’s den, but far too many struggle to know where and why these events took place, how they fit into the flow of biblical history, and why they are important preparation for the salvation brought to us by Jesus Christ in the New Testament. In this series, Pastor Mike takes us on a survey of the entire Old Testament.

13th Semester

In a culture that is increasingly hostile toward the true God and his authoritative word, Christians, now more than ever, need to be ready to stand up for the truth in a strong, intelligent, and diplomatic way. Pastor Mike will equip us to make a defense in the face of today’s unfounded attacks against Christianity and the Bible. Don’t miss this important time of study to prepare yourself for the tough questions people ask about God and Christianity.

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