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Am I Really a Christian? Series


Exploring the Nature & Reality of Genuine Faith

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SKU: 06-really Category: Date: 1/15/2006 Scripture: Hebrews 4:1-16 Tags: , , , , , , , , ,


In this four-part series, Pastor Mike helps us better understand what God’s word says about the essence of biblical faith and salvation. This study will sharpen your focus on how you enter the family of God and what Christ expects once you are there. 

Am I Really a Christian–Part 1Being Rightly Concerned About Real FaithHebrews 4:1-3a
Am I Really a Christian–Part 2Seeing My Salvation as the Fulfillment of the SabbathHebrews 4:3b-9
Am I Really a Christian–Part 3Learning to Rest from Attempts to Earn a Place in God’s FamilyHebrews 4:9-10
Am I Really a Christian–Part 4Working & Trusting to Prove the Reality of My FaithHebrews 4:11-16


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