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One-on-One Discipleship

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Partners is a 1on1 Spiritual growth program designed for new or longtime believers who are serious about maturing in their faith. This program overviews the fundamental issues of the Christian faith. It is designed to help you learn how to live an effective, pleasing Christian life.


The format is a ten chapter program which can be completed in approximately 14 weeks. After you have gone through, this program prepares you to teach what you have been taught to someone else. Also available in Spanish, Arabic, Romanian & Tagalog.


Shipping outside the continental United States will require additional postage. Please call or email for additional costs. For bulk orders please call 888-320-5885.

1 review for Partners

  1. Jacob Schnoor

    Most in depth and helpful tool I’ve used for discipleship with mature believers. His systematic approach is easy to follow and depth of content is excellent.

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