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Being Thankful

Being thankful to God is the essence of worship. To be specific and thoughtful about our gratitude is not only well-received by the Godhead, it is expected (Lk.17:17). We owe him nothing less than to catalog our blessings and prompt our own hearts to recite them in thanksgiving. We see this discipline in the lyrics of the Psalmist as he calls his own soul to “Praise Yahweh!” and “forget not all his benefits” (Ps.103:2). It may sound elementary to remind yourself to “count your blessings and name them one by one,” but nothing would capture the essence of spiritual maturity more than doing just that (1Th.5:18). And unlike the non-directed “thanksgiving” of our world, we must be careful and clear in our minds about the ultimate recipient of gratitude. It is not enough to passively feel thankful, we must actively direct our earnest expressions of thanks to the Giver of all good things (Jms.1:17). Though he has blessed us in countless ways, it is our responsibility to start counting anyway. As we do, God is honored, we are refreshed, and Christ’s Church is adorned with the worshipful hearts that befit his children.


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