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Trials and Prayer

When you are on the fence about whether to share your trial, your hurt or your burden

Prayer Perspective

When Jesus gave his disciples coaching on how we should pray (Mt.6:9ff.) his instructive template...

Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?

The Bible tells us that God is sovereign and that nothing happens unless he decrees it (Lam. 3:37; Prov. 16:33; Amos 3:6), and yet we are told to pray (1 Thess.5:17; Lk. 18:1). How do we reconcile these two seemingly incongruous concepts? Pastor Mike takes a biblical look at prayer and does it change God's mind?


When we are gripped with anxiety, we are good for nothing! The Greek word the New Testament uses for this vice paints the picture of a mind that is scattered and divided, having trouble concentrating...

Prayer Requests

Be careful what you repeatedly ask of God. You can’t always judge a prayer by its answer. While it’s true that many times in his kindness God withholds granting what we foolishly or selfishly request...
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