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Focal Point Partners are…

People just like you who listen and value reaching a world that desperately needs the truth of God’s Word.

Focal Point Partners Impact Lives…

  • Provides FREE access to all of Pastor Mike’s sermons, devotionals and videos
  • Your monthly donations help pay for radio air time
  • You minister to other people around the world as you partner with us

Our Focal Point Partners are critical to the mission of Focal Point. Without them we wouldn’t be able to consistently explore and proclaim the depths of Scripture to so many who desperately need to hear God’s Word.

Mike Fabarez

As a new Focal Point Partner we’ll send you…

12 Faithful Men


Portraits of Courageous Endurance in Pastoral Ministry.

Featured Monthly Resource


For Partners who donate $35 or more per month will also receive our hand-picked resource each month.

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