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The biblical account of the devastating turn of events in Job’s life and his subsequent restoration is a reminder to us of just how little we actually know about the various happenings that take place in our lives. We are ignorant of many of the spiritual battles and divine purposes which affect the circumstances of our lives. We are often like Job and his friends who, without any
Daily Struggle

Daily Struggle

While we would all love to imagine a Christian life that is tranquil and calm, the truth is it’s not. The Bible is clear that this side of heaven every Christian has been drafted

Prayer and Peace

Prayer and peace – they go hand in hand. If we want to retain the peace that "transcends all understanding" then we need to pray. God's instructions are profoundly simple: if we want to be anxious for nothing, we must

Reliance on God

King Asa was a righteous leader of God’s people. This ancestor of Christ and third king of the divided kingdom was a devout reformer who abolished the worship of foreign gods, put an end to cultic prostitution, and even dethroned his family members who disdained obedience to Yahweh. The Bible says God brought

Peace and Future

You cannot have a peaceful heart if your expectations about life are inaccurate. When we seek to achieve a calm and contented spirit by asking God to fix all our problems we can be certain our lives will be filled with angst and anxiety. While it may be intuitive
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