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Work Ethic

Work Ethic

How we work says a lot about our relationship with God. According to the Bible, Christians are to approach their employment as a service to the King of kings. We are told that regardless of who our employer might be...


Working is a gift from God – a pre-fall, pre-sin, pre-curse gift. While sin’s consequence injected obstacles and pain into the equation (“the ground will produce thorns” leading to work “by the sweat of your brow” – Gen.3:18, 19), the commission to work preceded the fall


Taking a break was God’s idea. It assumes we are diligent in our work. Even the statement he uses to institute a weekly break is couched in the reminder that we were never designed or commissioned for a life of luxury ¬“six days do your work” but then we must


In the Book of Proverbs God poignantly underscores the harm associated with laziness. Even the word translated in our Bibles to describe such people carries a stinging admonition. God calls us “sluggards” when we fall into patterns of being undisciplined, idle or unduly lethargic

Work and Working

Should Christians live for retirement? Should we be working for the weekend? Pastor Mike takes a look at work, weekends, vacation and retirement.


Accomplished athletes make their sport look easy. But for all of us who have tried to advance in a sport, we know there is nothing easy about reaching a level of proficiency in athletics. Some people can make godliness look easy. They seem to effortlessly love God and do what is right. But the Bible is clear that like athletics, reaching a level of proficient godliness requires a lot of hard work. Paul wrote, “train yourself for godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7). The word that
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