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Building Bridges

Lots of Christians talk about “building bridges” with non-Christians. And I’m all for it. The problem, though, is that often once the bridge is built nothing of eternal significance is ever transported across. Intuitively many bridge builders don’t...

God’s Justice

If God is not just, God is not good. If God does not respond justly to the unrighteous decisions of his creatures, then God cannot be holy, good or righteous. In the same way earthly judges cannot be good while perverting justice in their courtrooms, the perfect Judge cannot be perfect if he ignores sin. His perfect love does not negate...

Your Conscience

As we seek to proclaim the gospel and uphold, defend and establish the truth of God’s word, it is helpful to remember that God has implanted a witness to the truth within each person’s heart. While those who don’t want to hear our message may protest, the reality is that...


God’s desire is to see people repent of their sins and place their trust in Jesus Christ. Nothing in all the world could be more urgent or important. Amazingly, God has granted us the privilege of being the avenue through which he does this work.

Good News

To trust in Jesus as the sole provision for my acceptance before God is the essence of the gospel. But by definition this gospel cannot be the same as a gospel which allows you to trust in Jesus plus something else. Many are glad when they find those who “love Jesus” and are quick to consider them

The Gospel

Rightly understanding and properly responding to the gospel is of paramount importance. Nothing could have broader or more profound consequences than being right or wrong about the content and demands of the message that determines our placement in eternity. While that seems
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