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Getting It Right

Getting It Right

Rightly understanding and properly responding to the gospel is of paramount importance. Nothing could have broader or more profound consequences than being right or wrong about the content and demands of the message that determines our placement in eternity. While that seems self-evident, it is amazing how many people have taken little or no time to seriously consider or diligently research what God has or has not said about heaven and hell.


It makes no sense that our knowledge of this topic would be limited to the paltry concepts and limited explanations acquired from a few three-page tracts or a short set of extra-biblical phrases picked up in Sunday School or summer camp. We must all commit ourselves to assiduously studying the biblical gospel and not simply traffic in the findings of others. Like “good Bereans” (Ac.17:11), we must read God’s word with care to make sure that what the preachers preach on this topic is actually what the Bible says.


We must never be satisfied with trite, shallow or superficial explanations when it comes to the gospel. The message is too important and eternity is at stake. Give this study your all and be sure about your findings!

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