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Return of Christ

Return of Christ

This could be the year. Perhaps on God’s eschatological calendar he chose this year as the time for the completion of his Son’s work of assembling to himself a people for God’s possession. Maybe this year the Church will reach its evangelistic consummation and Christ will be sent to meet the last generation of his Bride face to face.


Remember that Jesus’ emphatic and repeated emphasis on no one knowing the date or time of his return was not given to diminish his disciples’ expectation, it was given to increase it. The strategic ambiguity was not to lull his people into inactivity, it was to motivate them work at church growth as though this could be the week! Clearly God wants us to always be ready and expectant of his return!


Peter even hints that we can “hasten” the day of Christ’s return as we seek to bring just one more life to the place of repentance and faith in Jesus (2 Peter 3:9 & 12). May we embark on another great season of ministry, mindful that this could be the year.

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