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Beyond Bible Basics


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Preparing Your Teen for the Christian Life

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Beyond Bible Basics was created to help parents, teachers, and youth leaders help prepare teens for the Christian life. This curriculum teaches teens the fundamentals of the Christian life as taught in Scripture.


There are thirty-three chapters spanning ten sections in Beyond Bible Basics. Your teen completes one chapter per week using one of teaching methods described below:


1) You can work through the chapter with your teen during the week for approximately 15 minutes a day.
2) As a self-directed study, your teen works through the chapter and you review the chapter at the end of the week with your teen.
3) If you have a mentor/student program in your youth group, a youth group leader can shepherd your teen.


Each section of Beyond Bible Basics deals with a different aspect of the Christian life. There is verse memorization that your teen would recite each time they do a chapter in that section. There are questions to answer and verses to look up and comment on regarding the topic they are studying.


Each section exhorts your teen to apply what they are learning. For example: in chapter 3, Getting To Know Your Bible, your teen is asked to apply a Bible study time and method to their daily routine. Pastor Mike has suggested a very sound method called TAN: Then, Always, Now. On a piece of notebook paper, your teen writes what the portion of Scripture meant to the people God was speaking to: Then; learns the overarching principle that God is trying to teach us: Always; and writes how that principle applies to their life today: Now.


As your teen progresses through Beyond Bible Basics, they are taught how to own their faith and we trust in one school year will have the necessary tools to be prepared for the Christian life.


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