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  • Bowling Green Freedom Radio FM-WLOG-88.5 FM; M-F 9:15pm
  • Bowling Green CSN-89.3 FM; M-F 4:30pm
  • Cannonsburg WONS 1080 AM; 9:00am M-F; Sat 1:00pm
  • Glasgow CSN-91.5 FM; M-F 4:30pm
  • Hindman WKCB (Moody) 1340 AM; M-F 11am
  • Lexington Freedom Radio FM-WLOG-91.7 FM; M-F 10:15pm
  • Louisville CSN-102.7 FM; M-F 4:30pm
  • Manchester Word Broadcasting-WKLB 1290 AM; M-F 7pm
  • Manchester Word Broadcasting-WKLB 104.5 FM; M-F 7pm
  • Morehead Freedom Radio FM-WLOG-91.7 FM; M-F 10:15pm
  • Pikeville Moody Network 2 – 90.1 FM; 7:00pm M-F
  • South Portsmouth CSN-90.5 FM; M-F 4:30pm
  • Westport CSN-88.7 FM; M-F 4:30pm

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