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Christology Series


The Person & Work of Jesus Christ

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According to the New Testament there is a spiritual battle waging that intends to obscure and distort our understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ (2 John 1:7; Matthew 24:23-24; 1 John 4:1- 3; Philippians 3:18; et al.). We must work hard to rightly understand the wealth of information provided for us in the Bible about precisely who Jesus is and the significance of all he came to accomplish. In this twelve-part series Pastor Mike delves into the rich and critically important biblical material regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ.


Christology-Part 1 Why Study Christology? Various
Christology-Part 2 The Preincarnate Christ Various
Christology-Part 3 The Incarnation Various
Christology-Part 4 The Deity of Christ Various
Christology-Part 5 A Closer Look at John 1:1 Various
Christology-Part 6 Heresies and Debates Various
Christology-Part 7 Kenosis Various
Christology-Part 8 The Names of Christ Various
Christology-Part 9 Prophet, Priest & King Various
Christology-Part 10 The Significance of the Resurrection Various
Christology-Part 11 The Current Ministry of Christ Various
Christology-Part 12 The Future Ministry of Christ Various


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