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It is a popular platitude for people to say that “death is simply a part of life.” But in reality nothing could be more antithetical to life than death. From a biblical perspective, death is an intrusive and disruptive enemy. The only thing “natural” about death is that all of nature has been unwillingly made subject to it.


The Bible reveals that God’s creation was not initially designed to undergo physical death. Death was the penal response to the rebellion of our archetypal parents. Their sin and ours remind us of why life’s enemy is the sentence we each must bear. But thankfully Christ has come to battle our enemy for us. At his first coming he won the war. At his second coming he will depose our enemy.


So instead of trying to “accept” death as a part of life, let us stand with our Redeemer who promises that together we will look back on our memories of life’s enemy and say with him that “death has been swallowed up in victory” (1Cor.15:54).

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that this life is not all there is. God offers us so much more! Some people think they don’t need Jesus because they aren’t sinners. That means they think they are “good enough” and by extension, this life is “good enough” for them. How sad! I deeply desire to be with God and I’m definitely assured things unseen are true. Death really hurts loved ones who are still living. But, death can also be as a comforting arm, pointing toward the need to get right with Jesus, in order that we can have what our loved ones would want for us to gain, whether they had that hope or not. They would want it for us! Life hurts, but let broken hearts be taken back to their Maker for repair. Ask humbly and He will take your hand.

  2. Love your heart and messages of truth. Thank you for loving the Lord SO MUCH!!! Before I came accross Focal Point I litrually though I was alone in my beliefs, and that would most likely not be good; it all depends. I acctually didn’t want to comment on ‘Death’ but an advertisement that was on this page; would that be ok?

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