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Fight the Drift

Fight the Drift

Scripture reading twice a day, fervent daily prayers, and serious personal Bible study strongly urged for all—according to the student handbook of Harvard University, back in the days when the school was founded. Such an unexpected revelation of a “Christian past” could be followed by countless others describing a number of well-known groups, organizations, and institutions. 
While “what used to be” might surprise us, it really shouldn’t. Hebrews 2:1 warns us all to “pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.” That holds true for individuals, families, institutions, and churches. Without this vigilance and biblical resolve, scores of well-intended Christian endeavors have slowly been enveloped by their surrounding secular cultures. Far from being a tranquil pool or placid lake of still waters, the culture in which we live is a powerful flowing torrent. 
If we fail to take a stand and fight “the drift” of which God warns, then we will be swept away into compromise, and quickly lose distinction as Christ’s salt and light in this insipid and dark world. God wants us, our families, our organizations, as well as our churches to “hold fast to God’s words” (Pr.4:4) and never “lose” our distinctive Christian “taste” (Mt.5:13). We’ve been warned. Don’t conform (Ro.12:2). Fight the drift!

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  1. Right on Dr. Fabarez. There is an excellent book on this topic, “Mission Drift” by Peter Greer & Chris Horst. They provide multiple examples of how what were initially thoroughly Christian organizations drifted and were “dry-cleaned” to the point where they are no longer recognizable as Christian. Greer & Horst provide multiple examples of organizations that have been secularized as well as those which have not drifted, and how they and others can avoid doing so. One outstanding example of Mission Drift is The Christian Children’s Fund, founded by a missionary in 1938, now called ChildFund International. Constant vigilance is required. Amen.

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