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God’s Perfection

God’s Perfection

Psalm 18 states the obvious when it proclaims that “as for God, his way is perfect” (v.30). What may come as unexpected is that the psalmist is quick to testify that God in turn makes David’s way “perfect” (v.32). Obviously David is not claiming that he is sinless (cf.Ps.143:2), but he clearly makes the connection between worshiping and serving a perfect God and seeing God’s goodness and holiness transform his life.


If God is your God and Jesus is your King, then you can be sure that the Holy Spirit is working daily to make your attitudes and actions more like his own (cf. Rom.8:29; 2Cor.3:18). That is what it means to become a more “godly” person. May you be able to say with the psalmist that your daily life is reflecting more and more of his “perfection” as you grow closer to him.

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