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Hell. No one likes to think about it. The world attempts to dilute its force by using the word as an expletive or as an impertinent adjective. But much like tax day or a set of dire medical test results, not thinking about it or making light of it, doesn’t change its reality. While the biblical data on hell may be denied by the world and now even large portions of the church, it would do us well as Christians to take heed to what the New Testament has to say about the pending judgment of God on an unbelieving world. It is hard to acquire the proper motivation for biblical service or gospel evangelism until we accept the sobering words of Christ regarding sin’s eternal consequences. Attempting to dismiss the clear teaching of Scripture on this topic because it doesn’t fit our preconceived notions of God, or because we deem the whole concept archaic or severe will not do if we are going to let God define himself and if we claim his word to be the final arbiter of truth. We must grapple with this doctrine as we would any other, allowing it to shape our thoughts and our behavior. It will undoubtedly drive us to a deeper appreciation for grace and a more zealous involvement in advancing the cause of Christ.

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  1. Thanks again Pastor Mike for standing for the Word of Truth. In this politically corrupt and spiritually depraved culture, we need your expository voice more than ever. Although God’s truth has never been popular in a sinful world, it needs to be preached. And we pray that God would draw the next one to Him, rescuing one more from the eternal flames of agony and torment. He does not want anyone to perish. 2 Peter 3:9
    And Revelation 22:20b “Amen, Come, Lord Jesus.”

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