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Prayer Perspective

Prayer Perspective

When Jesus gave his disciples coaching on how we should pray (Mt.6:9ff.) his instructive template left little doubt that our perspective when we bow our heads is usually far too narrow and small-minded. While Jesus doesn’t discourage us from asking for our personal and daily provisions (e.g., “give us today our daily bread”) such requests are strategically placed after the contemplation and declaration of the majesty and holiness of a God who dwells in the transcendence of heaven.


Earthbound requests aren’t introduced until we’ve been prompted to earnestly plead with God for the return of Christ and the establishment of God’s eschatological kingdom on earth – a place and time when Jesus reigns as the King in the re-created home of righteousness!


So before we bring our personal prayer list to God, let’s be sure to begin with a big, broad and eternal view of reality. Such a perspective may not only alter how we ask, it may also modify the list itself.

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