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Precarious Paths

Precarious Paths

In the model prayer that Jesus provided to guide us into the kinds of prayer concerns we ought to habitually bring before the Father, he included the request: “lead us not into temptation” (Mt.6:13). I would hope this recurring appeal for God to direct us around sinfully enticing situations would naturally give us a sensitivity to thoughtfully do the same when it lies within our power.


But, sadly, I find it often does not. We must come to see our responsibility to do the very thing that we are asking God to do. How important it is for each of us to carefully consider the various locations, situations, circumstances, and settings that have resulted in past sin and compromise, and predetermine to consciously avoid them whenever possible.


So, as you ask God each day to lead you around those luring settings, which you could never foresee, may you also be strategic in finding alternate routes that steer you clear of those precarious paths you know from experience are hazardous to your sanctification.

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  1. I appreciate Pastor Mike’s devotionals. I just signed up for them a few weeks ago and they always give me something to think about. Now as I am temporarily leading our midweek services I also look at the weekly devotionals with an eye for a topic that might be suitable for our congregation. I am also using Pastor Mike’s series on an Overview of the Old Testament books for my adult Sunday School Class as one of my sources for my series on an overview of all the books of the Bible. Keep up the good work Brother!

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