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Thankful Always

Thankful Always

First Thessalonians 5:18 requires that Christians “give thanks in all circumstances.” While to some this may seem crazy or at least a strange kind of spiritual masochism, the Bible has good reason for directing us to be grateful even when life hurts.


For starters, Christians affirm that God is sovereign has good intentions when he enlists trials and pain in the lives of the children he deeply loves. As we parents interact with our young children (assuming we are humble enough to accept that we are God’s “kids”) we should quickly recognize that pain is often a strategic path to healing, maturity and prosperity in this world.


If only our kids could see through their immaturity that the bad tasting medicine, the hassle of homework, or sting of discipline will eventually yield great benefit, then perhaps they, like us, could learn to complain less and even find the strength to be grateful in the face of circumstances that are less than fun. May God give us the maturity to “give thanks” in good times and bad.

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  1. I am a “recovering procrastinator” and becoming a wife and mother has helped me grow in ways I never could’ve had I remained single and more self-centered. Of course, God has helped me through it all. I’ve recently come to realize that my gentle pushing and pulling of my daughter, toward increasing discipline has been the same patient way God has handled me, too. I have nudged her from being charmed with her new violin at age 6, through disillusionment with the hard work of practice and finger pain, and seeing her blossom into a young woman who loves to bless others because of her endless hours of practice. Now 15, she has pleased many, many audiences over time. I marvel at how patient God has been with me and know I still am not yet the “girl” he wants me to be, just as my extraordinary girl has much ahead to learn also. P.S. I am not a musician myself, so my daughter is a great testimony of God’s power spoken straight to me! Pain works a purpose, whether by the rod for me, or the staff for her, it is a comfort in God’s house.

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