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Unbiblical Thoughts

Unbiblical Thoughts

To grow in our understanding of God and the Christian life requires that we leave behind wrong ideas about God and the Christian life. This may be a self-evident observation, but it’s one we need to think about more often. When we gain a more accurate knowledge of God or his word, we need to purposefully and willingly abandon our previous, inaccurate knowledge. And that is not always as easy as it sounds. 
We can unconsciously acquire a liking of our aberrant views of God. They can serve us and our sinful tendencies well. Wrong thoughts of God and the Christian life can allow us to cling to comfortable, familiar, yet defective “doctrines” which allow us more latitude in holding onto to the habits and lifestyles we enjoy. Forsaking inadequate or immature views of God’s word can cost us in a variety of practical ways, but as students of God and the Scriptures we must decide ahead of time whether we love the truth or our preferred understanding of the truth. 
I pray that it is our resolve to willingly suffer the periodic discomfort of exchanging cozy ideas about how we would like things to be, for a more precise understanding of the way things actually are. Decide to let your life “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” as you study God’s word always being ready to renounce every unbiblical thought or inferior idea (Rom.12:2).

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