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The Gospel of Luke represents one of the finest accounts of the life of Christ. Written by a gentile to a gentile, the  physician Luke provides a well-researched and orderly account of the life and events of Jesus. Luke’s exacting detail has been corroborated by archeological discovery time and time again. He is considered a fine historian by many scholars and has provided the assurance of faith based on the facts of history.


One of the key elements of Luke’s Gospel is the that salvation is for all people: Jews and gentiles, rich and poor, men and women, the religious and the pagan. But he doesn’t stop there. Luke is a very practical Gospel with a focus on how Christians should live in light of their salvation that was a part of God’s great plan from the beginning.

I love the Gospel of Luke. I always have. It has been my favorite of the four Gospels because of its straightforward and hard-hitting depiction of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. I appreciate that Luke, the physician turned historian, was enlisted by God to pen this thorough and forthright portrait of the long awaited Messiah. If you desire to better understand the heart, concerns, and priorities of our Lord, then give yourself to a detailed study of Luke’s Gospel.

Mike Fabarez



Book of Romans Overview


For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. Luke 19:10


Written By: Luke
Date: Early 60s A.D.


  • Historical Foundations
  • Universal Scope of Gospel
  • Living the Christian Life
  • The Holy Spirit
  • God’s Sovereignty


Before you can even begin to study a book of the Bible, it is critical to understand why the Bible can be trusted. In Why the Bible? Pastor Mike Fabarez explores the claim that the Bible is God’s communication to mankind and why we can absolutely rely on it.


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Luke 1: Enlisted-Part 1: Luke: God's Diligent Student
Luke 2: Christmas 2012-Part 2: The Crux of Christmas
Luke 3: The Harsh But Good News-Part 4: Loving Enough to Tell the Truth About Hell
Luke 4: Temptation-Part 2: Curbing Your Appetites


Made Right with God-Part 6 (Luke 19:1-10)

The Impact of Repentance


Dig into the key verse for Book of Luke. We should rejoice in our salvation and pursue our sanctification knowing that when God works repentance in our lives his forgiving grace entirely covers our sins and permanently redirects our lives.

Christianity in Real Life-Part 4 (Luke 6:21b, 25b)

When Life Really Hurts


Though the next life will be characterized by happiness and joy, for now, because of sin in our world and in our lives Christians will have plenty of grief and a lot for which to mourn.


Historical Foundations
Jesus, Son of David

Living the Christian Life
Suffering in a Broken World

God’s Sovereignty
God’s Good Plan

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