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Ask Pastor Mike-Evolution vs Creation


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Evolution vs Creation

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Pastor Mike discusses the issue of evolution versus creation.

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  1. Larry Shindel

    SO IS ALL OF CONNECTED SCIENCE A JACOB’S GOAT SKIN? For consistency in theology I would give 5 stars. However being a Zoology Major with a Paleontology avocation truth matters. I am a liberal Methodist type Christian if that’s not too much of an oxymoron, and listen to your and other conservative Christian and Catholic programming to learn truths where I can agree, and sharpen my own apologetics: Natural Law which is 7 degrees of separation from Natural Science and 6 orders of magnitude off for Natural History is problematic on the social issues: God created them male and female when TRex ate watermelons… It can not be the ‘Discovery Channel nor not wanting to appear a rube at College or the Natural History museum’ for me. I’ve been to through the geological column in Road Side Geology of Texas, Colorado etc., Beginning at Southern Methodist University with (pre-commercial-fossil-trade Paleontology Journals that give locations; found and dug Mammal like reptiles in Texas-Oklahoma Permian red beds, ammonites up to the Cretaceous /Tertiary boundary, dinosaur bones in the Colorado Jurassic Morrison formation and so forth. Seen the embryonic gill slits in microscopic chick embryo cross section: vertebrate embryology can be largely learned from lamprey cross sections. This stuff is as advertised in the scientific literature and understanding. To quote a politically incorrect add for spaghetti sauce “it’s in there”. Shave our hairs and sew up our navals we’re still placental mammals, amniotes, tetrapods, vertebrates, deuterostomes, eukaryotes going down taxonomy and primates, apes and hominids going up. Like likely global warming the evidence can speak for itself. I’ve visited the Noah’s Ark Encounter and other new earth creationist museums. their proposition of one flood geology beggars what anyone could see for themselves, layers though taxonomic changes by rising waters getting further from the shore: turtles and alligators all the way down… Fly from America to Europe cooped up in steerage for 6 hours at 600 miles an hour; the continents spread at the rate fingernails grow, backed up by radiologic decay (fine tuning of the universe where all can agree thrown out if speeded up), sediment thickness and magnetic mirror mosaics of separated chunks. Look to intelligent design macro evolution and that envelope is wide open empty. The question is can God lie? or God can not lie like like one can not ‘violate’ a slave.
    PS I did a This I Believe for National Public Radio can be found under ‘Scrawny Hijacker’ after a tough day substitute teaching. It may be of some interest to others who’ve irreversibly bitten of the tree of knowledge. My revision would be that modeling the universe as a quantum computer (An all knowing God could explain how miracles work) the question is not how does something come from nothing (an oxymoron) but from infinity ‘and beyond’.

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