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FEAR and fears Series


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Avoiding the Stumbling Blocks that Keep Us from Christ

SKU: 15-fear Category: Date: 11/8/2015 Scripture: Luke 12:1-59 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,


There are many things in life that can evoke those unsettling feelings of fear, anxiety, and dread. In the twelfth chapter of Luke, Jesus has much to say about what we should do when we feel this way, why some fears are legitimate and others are not, and how to become skilled in knowing the difference. In this important exposition through Luke chapter twelve, Pastor Mike helps us face our fears and discover God’s solutions. 

FEAR and fears-Part 1The Fear of Being FakeLuke 12:1-3
FEAR and fears-Part 2The Fear of GodLuke 12:5
FEAR and fears-Part 3The Fear of ViolenceLuke 12:4, 6-7
FEAR and fears-Part 4The Fear of RejectionLuke 12:8-12
FEAR and fears-Part 5The Fear of Not Having EnoughLuke 12:13-21
FEAR and fears-Part 6The Fear of Having NothingLuke 12:22-34
FEAR and fears-Part 7The Fear of Being UnpreparedLuke 12:35-40
FEAR and fears-Part 8The Fear of ResponsibilityLuke 12:41-48
FEAR and fears-Part 9The Fear of Broken RelationshipsLuke 12:49-53
FEAR and fears-Part 10The Fear of Bad NewsLuke 12:54-56
FEAR and fears-Part 11The Fear of Perfect JusticeLuke 12:57-59


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