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Gospel Impact Series


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The Blessings & Challenges of the Gospel

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The message of salvation in Christ has far-reaching implications. It is not only powerful to transform lives, but will also necessarily bring with it a number of blessings and challenges. Whether we are proclaiming the gospel or pondering its message for the first time, it will always have an impact. In this study on the power of the gospel, Pastor Mike examines the last leg of Paul’s second missionary journey in Acts 17 & 18.


Gospel Impact-Part 1 When It Disrupts Our Lives Acts 17:1-9
Gospel Impact-Part 2 When It Draws Us In Acts 17:10-15
Gospel Impact-Part 3 When It Intrigues Our Mind Acts 17:16-21
Gospel Impact-Part 4 When It Puts Everything in Perspective Acts 17:22-29
Gospel Impact-Part 5 When It Demands Your Life Acts 17:30-34
Gospel Impact-Part 6 When It Sorts Out Relationships Acts 18:1-8
Gospel Impact-Part 7 When It Requires Courage Acts 18:9-17
Gospel Impact-Part 8 When It Motivates Sacrifice Acts 18:18-22

1 review for Gospel Impact Series

  1. John

    Bible Believing Gold. Spot on preaching. 1

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