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Questions & Answers 2015-Part 3


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Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions from Part 3:
1. Millennium Kingdom – how does all this work?
2. Will Catholics end up in heaven?
3. Atheist and Homosexuality in our own family… when if ever do we give up praying for them?
4. What guidelines do you have for us in these very fallen times.
5. Does God ever change the rules of the universe?
6. The Church’s position on the doctrine of inerrancy in the Bible.
7. Millennium question relating to a person that dies in the Millennium kingdom.
8. Do people prior to Christ go to heaven if Jesus is the only way.
9. Mathew 19:6 – does marriage covenant go for both believers and non-believers.
10. Question relating to spiritual gifts as they relate to Apostle only gifts.
11. A family member that is a strong Christian seems to be judgmental and needs guidance.
12. How to handle old friends that is still in sin (this person saved in last 12 months).
13. Explain the sheep and the goat’s judgment.
14. Raised Jewish and in 1989 became Christian and wants to better understand why Catholics that have Faith and Works are not really saved.
15. How will we recognize each other in heaven?


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