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Questions & Answers 2016-Part 1


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Question & Answer Service

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Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions in this service:

1. Must a special person perform a baptism? There is no mention in Bible.
2. How does a man define kindness (from a wife)?
3. Scriptual decision on using the name Asa in the geneology in Matthew
4. Question on tongues from 1 Cor 13
5. Needs elaboration on forgiveness.
6. Talking to Non Christians about our Biblical view.
7. Regarding answering a child why we don’t see Jesus.
8. Taking prescribed medicines such as anti-depressants – does that mean you are not depending on the Lord?
9. Why do Jews still not sacrifice?
10. Is Compass a Calvinist Church?
11. Do we believe he chose us from before the foundations of the world? Did the persons of the trinity council to determine who is saved?
12. What is your view on the Point of Election?
13. Any spiritual significance on bad dreams?
14. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in hell. There are 2 references to this in O.T.


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