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Those Words at the Altar Series


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Reconsidering the Meaning and Challenges of Christian Marriage

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In this three-part series, Pastor Mike exhorts us to rethink the meaning and challenges of our Christian marriage and conform to God’s design for our marriage. 

Those Words at the Altar-Part 1 Rethinking Marriage as a Sacred Covenant Malachi 2:7-16
Those Words at the Altar-Part 2 Rethinking Marriage as a Divine Test James 1:2-8
Those Words at the Altar-Part 3 Rethinking Marriage as a Transcendent Joy Ephesians 5:22-33

1 review for Those Words at the Altar Series

  1. Lucinda Guppy

    I have only heard one of the 3 sermons, and I have never ordered anything off the radio before. My husband of 32 yrs have strong believers who have been in church and listening to quality Christian radio all our lives. This is the best, most understandable, way I have ever heard the love and respect that God requires between husband and wife, preach/taught! Thank you! We are going to have our awesome Grandson and his sweet fiancé hear this before their marriage on May 24th! What a great thing, to know and understand this before they marry! Thank you for great teaching of God’s perfect plan for our married lives! Lucinda

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