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Popular Christian Phrases

Pastor Mike discusses a popular Christian phrase: You are a Legalist, with Pastor Elliott and Pastor Lucas.


What does the Bible say about Polygamy?

Burial vs Cremation

Many Christians wonder if cremation is an acceptable biblical alternative to burial. Pastor Mike takes a look at the biblical principles and practices of dealing with your body after you die.

Today’s Gospel

Does today's Gospel line up with the biblical evidence for the gospel?

When to Disobey

Are there times when Christians should disobey? If so, what are they and how do we know when we are confronted with them?

Altar Calls

Pastor Mike takes a look at the practice of Altar Calls and what the Bible has to say about them.

Babies and Salvation

The Bible tells us that no one will come to the Father except through repentance and trust in Jesus (John 14:6). But what about babies who don't have a chance to place their trust in Christ, what happens to them? Pastor Mike takes a biblical look at babies and salvation.

Regret in Heaven

The hope of heaven is the destination of all Christians. But will Christians experience regret in heaven for things that were done or not done on earth? Pastor Mike takes a look at what the Bible has to say about our experience in heaven.

God Told Me

How do we discern when God is speaking to us? Pastor Mike looks at what the Bible has to say about how God tells us what he wants.

Carnal Christians

Is there such thing as a "carnal" Christian? Pastor Mike takes a look at what the Bible has to say about this cultural title.

Are All Sins the Same?

Is murder worse than lying in God's eyes? Or are all sins the same? Pastor Mike takes a look at Scripture to determine how God views sin.


Pastor Mike takes a look at how we should conduct ourselves as Christians.

Old Testament Anachronisms

Sometimes the Old Testament seems to tell us things that look out of order or duplicated. Pastor Mike answers a question about Old Testament writers.

Universal Church

Pastor Mike answers the question: What is the Universal Church?
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