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Ask Pastor Mike-Who Is the Angel of the Lord?


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Who Is the Angel of the Lord?

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Pastor Mike looks at the biblical evidence and answers a question about the identity of the Angel of the Lord.

2 reviews for Ask Pastor Mike-Who Is the Angel of the Lord?

  1. Tom Peat

    I have a question in 1 Thess 4:16 ‘with the voice of the archangel’, would that refer to Michael as in old testament prophecy or Christ alone?

  2. Mike

    Isnt the Angel of the Lord the Son of God or the Word? Jesus was in the future born of a woman under the law. Jesus was later to come thru the lineage of David right?
    Thes throohsnies are the Word,son of God right?
    Jesus was born. The Wird was given a body
    and named him Jesus right?


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