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Discernment Series


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The Wisdom of Christ in Training His Disciples

SKU: 13-discernment Category: Date: 06/23/2013 Scripture: Luke 5:1-6:16 Tags: , , , , , , ,


With the dumbing down of Christianity and the rise of bumper-sticker theology, perhaps now more than ever Christians need wisdom, insight, and discernment. Thankfully there is much of it to be found in Luke 5 and 6. Sandwiched between the calling of the first disciples (Luke 5:1-11) and their commissioning as apostles (Luke 6:12-16), we encounter several concise episodes in the life of Christ that clearly provide the kind of godly discernment every Christian needs. Don’t miss this important eight-part series as Pastor Mike walks us through this instructive section of the Gospel of Luke. 

Discernment-Part 1Curiosity & Real ConversionsLuke 5:1-11
Discernment-Part 2Wants & Genuine NeedsLuke 5:12-16
Discernment-Part 3Urgency & True ImportanceLuke 5:17-26
Discernment-Part 4Reputations & Vital ResponsibilitiesLuke 5:27-32
Discernment-Part 5Sorrow & Profound CelebrationsLuke 5:33-35
Discernment-Part 6Obsolete & Eternal CovenantsLuke 5:36-39
Discernment-Part 7Traditions & Authentic RulesLuke 6:1-11
Discernment-Part 8Apostasy & Stumbling SaintsLuke 6:12-16


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