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God’s Good Plan

Life can be arduous and exhausting—especially when we have to navigate some of the consequences of our own foolish decisions. Even so, as Israel faced the dark days of the Babylonian captivity, they were comforted by our merciful God when he reminded them...

Who’s Responsible?

Ask any police officer (or watch any reality Cops show) and you’ll see just how creatively we humans can string together a list of excuses for any and every deviant behavior. From the inner-city streets to the therapist’s couch we have become experts in rationalizing why we do what we do, and why what...

God’s Forgiveness

Our theology regarding justification is often revealed by how we embrace God’s forgiveness when we sin. On the one hand, we may say that we heartily affirm the orthodox doctrine of justification by faith (i.e. that we are accepted as perfectly righteous before God by our trust in Christ, without the aid of good works), but on the other hand
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